1. ‘Time To Fly’ sounds very, very interesting. I hope you’ll share a few quotes here next time you check in! And how exciting that a fellow blogger participated!

    And yeah for taking a well deserved winter break in sunny-warm Mexico! We were rolling along nicely here in S. California for most of the winter, but temps suddenly dropped into the high 50’s (no eye rolling!) and so I’m breaking out the sweaters and coats today.

    Looking forward to your next update, Christie!

  2. Hi Christie, I love how specific your bucket list is. These are the kind of things you can actually do and clearly know that you have accomplished. I tend to have big goals, and I know I am better off if I can break them down into smaller things. Your fitness and cooking goals inspire me. I get overwhelmed with “lose weight” and “be healthier.” Trying three new recipes is something I can do!
    Thanks for the shout about with time to fly. I hope it inspires you!

    • Thanks Michele. I have loved the seasonal bucket list idea. It encourages me to choose smaller, specific goals. If you try some new recipes, I’d love to hear about them. I’m always looking for ideas. I’m really looking forward to receiving my book. Thanks for helping me achieve one of my bucket list items!

  3. With my word of the year being Soar, I’ve put Time to Fly on my books to buy list!

    I went back to my winter bucket list … and looked at a few others you linked posts to. I was pleased to see I did almost everything I wanted to on my bucket list around the holiday’s. And a couple of items I saw on others lists (hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps was one really great steal and reapply!)

    But it also showed me I’m behind on a couple (office set up being one), so it was good to relook and reenergize on those. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Congrats on getting your holiday bucket list items done. I may have to try the peppermint schnapps as well. We just shoveled a foot of snow off the driveway, so it’s sounding pretty good right now.

  4. Oh I love all of your things on the list Christie and you have started your Winter Bucket list achievements really well. I’m going to copy some of your ideas maybe for Autumn like new recipes that are healthy and also I just bought a small pop up box that is used as a background and has an LED light. We are definitely on the same page. Now I just need a tripod! Have a beautiful week, my friend. xx

  5. You’ve made such good progress on your list, Christie. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos from Mazatlan. I’m looking forward to your next update. Happy anniversary week!

  6. Hey, Christie,

    Enjoyed your photos from the new year’s trip. Looking forward to photos of the ice castles!

    I am supposed to run my first 5k on Saturday but have hurt my foot. Hope it will be on the mend by then. Would love to work up to a 10k but not sure that will happen.

    Tell me about your backdrops? How large are they? Hard to tell in the photo. I use a piece of foam core for my flat layouts when I do a fashion post but haven’t tried using a backdrop for food pics and fashion posts. Would like to try some. I have a light kit my daughter bought for me because our house IS SO DARK!!! It was reasonably priced and works pretty well. Easy to set up in my guest room and then take back down when we have company. Here’s the link to my light kit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JV3J1I?aaxitk=6o8l1ug1QJj9nJy8xkBUlQ&pd_rd_i=B013JV3J1I&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=3365067662&pd_rd_wg=ZFvBl&pf_rd_r=3QY4ETNQ1PFJ5F0R8E0C&pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-top slot&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_w=m0rXv&pf_rd_i=photo+lighting+studio+kit&pd_rd_r=19c4067a-4574-4715-82b4-a31e82827cbe&hsa_cr_id=1815203290601

    • Thanks for the link to the light kit, Leslie. The vinyl mats I bought are 36″x36″ from SwankyPrints https://www.etsy.com/shop/SwankyPrints and the backdrop is really a 36″x48″ cardboard display like you’d use for a school presentation or science project. They are just right for the small items I photograph. They wouldn’t work for photographing people or larger items. I notice that SwankyPrints has a 6 ft. travel-size photography stand for backdrops.

  7. Danielle Park

    Hi Christie!
    Great job on your bucket list. How was the weather is Mazatlan? I was by Playa del Carmen and it was suprisingly cool (warmer than home…but not as warm as I was hoping for). Did you stay in a resort or condo or other? I have never been to Mazatlan, looks like a place I would consider going for sure.

    I love the idea of sending a card to someone every month. How fun is that?! Super neat idea.

    • Thanks Danielle. The weather is Mazatlan was cooler than normal and cloudy the first couple of days we were there, but by New Year’s Eve, it was much nicer. We stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Nuevo Mazatlan (a little off the beaten path), and we love it. It’s called El Sol La Vida. I definitely recommend it. I like sending cards at times when they won’t be expected and hope the surprise of it will brighten someone’s day. I hope your day is happy!

  8. I think I will just follow your goal setting. You seem to have named everything that I need and want to do … haha
    Specifically, I need to check into https and I need MUCH better photography and plan to get a tripod and such …
    But I’ve not been to Mazatlan!!! So I am headed right now to view your photos.
    🙂 gwingal

  9. I have been experimenting with setting the exposure when I take iPhone photos — something that I didn’t realize was possible until recently. An iPhone tripod is a great idea!


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