1. Liz Gwynn

    My friend told me about orange theory, and I’ve been really curious. I’m glad to know a little more about it. Thanks for posting! Oh, and good job crossing another item off your fall bucket list!

    • I was curious too. Now I’m in the know. 🙂 If you ever want to try a free class, let me know. I’d love to have your company. I know it’s hard to leave the little one any more than you have to.

  2. I love a free class to check things out! I did that with Zumba & got hooked. Also very welcoming at that class, which I know is dependent on instructor. I tried Zumba when in Florida and it was not a welcoming experience!

    And recently, restarted yoga same way…first class free and then a % off as newbie! Another yoga studio was not first class free, nor did it have a pass to purchase. Another thing that keeps me going is buying the class passes….I won’t waste money so have to use it!

    You’ve hit on 2 great tips to get something started – public declaration and paying upfront for class pass. Another is a buddy …I have a Monday walking buddy, so I get a good long cardio power walk once a week. I’m still looking to boost exercise, but not sure I’m a gym person.

    • Yes, Pat, a workout buddy is another great way to stay committed and make the process more enjoyable. So far, the coworker that got me started on Orangetheory has gone to the classes with me, and it’s great!

  3. I love to do cycling but for some reason a couple of months ago I got bored with it and stopped going. My daughter does Orange theory and has encouraged me to go but I worry I am a little old for the class.

    • I can tell you I’ve been to two different classes now, and in both there was a mix of ages. There were probably more younger people than older, but I did not feel at all out of place. And I was not the oldest one in either class. Give it a try! If you do, let me know what you think.

  4. Hi Christie,
    I’d never heard of Orange Theory before and found your post about it really interesting. I’ve been working one-on-one with a personal trainer for a dozen years now, and have a gym in my home. I’m not a group person or gym person at all.

    It was all great until about six months ago when I told my trainer, in tears, that I was bored out of my mind and wasn’t sure I wanted to continue our weekly sessions. Fortunately, she has switched me to work on the Pilates Reformer and I’m re-energized and happy again.

    Good for you for seeking out a new workout… and for taking on and crushing an intense one. I’m still at the stage of forgetting to breathe properly when I’m working out so would collapse trying to do what you have so capably achieved.

    • Sometimes you really just need to switch things up. I’m glad your trainer found something that worked for you. I have a Pilates for Beginners video that I keep at our cabin. I can do in a confined space and with no equipment. I actually really like it.

  5. I hadn’t heard about Orangetheory but just now looked on line and saw three locations not too far from me. I like the idea of HIT and really like the look of your gym. I think I’ll check it out… thanks!

    • They’re certainly not for everyone, Olivia. I’m not particularly comfortable in weight rooms, so I’ve always done my strength training at home, except when I was working with a personal trainer who worked out of a gym. Anyway, I hope you have found a form of physical activity that suits you. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Alex D

    I’m obsessed with Orange Theory! I joined a brand new one at the end of June and I was extremely apprehensive, scared because I am overweight and do not work out, and now I can’t imagine not going. I also just do 8 a month, but I feel like it has completely changed my life. You never do the same workout twice, I’ve never been bored, and I absolutely love the coaching. You basically get a personal trainer for an hour. Along with eating better, I’ve lost a little over 20 lbs since I started going, and I can honestly say it was Orange Theory that gave me my kick-start into a healthier lifestyle. I would not have changed my diet without the motivation to be better at the gym. I’m constantly trying to beat my own personal records (wattage on the rower, time for different distances on the rower, all-out speed – because I’ve moved past power walking most days and can jog for pushes and run for all-outs, etc). Love this place!

    • Wow! Congratulations Alex on making these healthy changes in your life. I am quickly becoming obsessed with Orangetheory as well. I just got back from a class this morning and am feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of the day. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  7. I’ve never heard of Orangetheory, but it sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it! I will be anxious to hear your thoughts after the eight sessions. As for me, I’m afraid a brisk walk is what I enjoy!

  8. Thanks for this post. I really enjoy hearing of new things relating to fitness. Being from Australia, I hadn’t heard of Orange Theory. Good luck with it. Great post. Have followed your blog to hear more about your adventures in fitness

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