1. You did so well on your summer list. I like the combination of activities too. I’ve just created my first ever list for autumn / fall and on reflection it’s probably all too much fun (except losing seven pounds).

    • I think your list is spot-on Gail. Bucket lists (to me at least) should be about doing things you really want to do. If you’re not enjoying yourself, what’s the point? So have fun with it–and good luck with the weight loss. Happy fall!

  2. Christie – I love your bucket list. Seems you had a great time checking things off the list – and made good progress. I had a to-do list for house projects but otherwise didn’t articulate other ‘hopes’ for the summer in any kind of order. I rode my bike often, gardened, took a few road trips, and got all of my health checkups taken care of – all things that would have gone on a list. For fall I think I’ll create a bucket list….stay tuned

    • Janet, it sounds as if you had a list of sorts in your head, if not on paper, for summer. If you do create a fall bucket list, feel free to come back here and link up with these wonderful ladies!

  3. Nicely done, Christie! Good for you! I may need to add “go outside” to my list for fall. I love being outside once I’m there, but thinking to get up and GO outside doesn’t always happen. Since our temps have been falling a bit, I HAVE enjoyed some mornings on the porch. It’s a nice way to start the day. We’re excited about getting outdoors and doing some camping and hiking over the next couple of months, and I’m SO looking forward to that! I understand about taking a break from the lists thing. I pretty much did that over the summer. Enjoy! I’ll keep an eye out for your winter list.

    • That’s how I am too, Michael, not always thinking about going outside. This year we did fix up our back patio and bought new furniture, so that helped. We also had a lot of smoke in the air from surrounding fires, which did not help. What we really need is rain. I hope you have so much fun camping and hiking this fall. Enjoy!

  4. That’s awesome that you completed so much of your bucket list. What do I hope to accomplish this fall? Get back on the treadmill or some other exercise program once the fall garden chores are complete. Renovate my living room. Spend time daily bible journaling.

    • Those sound like great goals, Amy. I’ve been trying to adjust to the treadmill, so I can continue running through the winter. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling a little with that. I don’t feel as balanced on the treadmill as I do on the ground once I hit running speeds. Still it’s nice to have an indoor option. Good luck on the living room renovation. Perhaps you’ll share photos with us. Happy fall!

  5. I always enjoy reading about your seasonal bucket list, Christie and you certainly have achieved a lot in Summer. I like the idea of 15 minutes outside daily. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up and not even get out of the front door. Great job on the health and fitness and I also think including Joy as a category is excellent. Have a lovely Fall and enjoy the glorious colours of the leaves. They always fill me with Joy. xx

  6. Bravo on your summer activities and accomplishments. Fall or winter might be a good time to work on your French when the weather is less conducive to time outdoors. I want to practice my Spanish but find I am somewhere between the beginning courses and the intermediate courses. I understand a lot but don’t always speak correctly.

    Would love to go to an RV show. I miss camping from my childhood days and RVs seem to take camping to a whole new level. Love seeing how cleverly the space is used in an RV. Fun!!

    We will miss you this fall but hope you will be back with a sensational winter bucket list! XO

    • Thanks Leslie. It was a good summer. I feel about my French like you do Spanish. I’d love to get more fluent with it. The RVs were great. Seriously, there like a house of wheels these days–two baths, a king-size bed, and a washer/dryer in some! Enjoy your fall. I will be checking in on everyone’s activities!

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