1. I’m going to need to check out my summer activity list. With the Red Tide and now a Covid surge, and the heat of summer (my first here and a bit more oppressive than I expected), I’m thinking I might not hit all my items. It’s nice to see you’re doing well on most of your 60 for 60.

    I really like the quote you added also. New to me and so appropriate for August! Not that we have any relief from the heat yet…but I am looking forward to cooler temps. That’ll mean not heat indexes of 105!

    • I’ve had similar challenges, Pat, but with smoke, heat, and COVID. It’s putting a damper on any outdoor activities or indoor activities in public places. I loved that August quote too. Funny thing…shortly after I wrote this post, we had a cold front come through and our temperatures dropped considerably. I can almost imagine that fall isn’t too far away now.

  2. You’re doing great with your list. I like how you’ve already hit your goal for being kind. It’s fun to do random acts of kindness [especially in blogland] but I don’t know that I’ve ever kept track of ones I’ve done. There’s something to be gained from doing that. 🤔

    • Thank you Ally. It is different tracking acts of kindness, but it has encouraged me to get a little more creative about it, so I have something different to record, and it has made me more aware of kindness I do and those done for me.

  3. My first thought, Christie, ‘progress, not perfection.’ Goals can be adjusted. The 60 new things is intriguing. Tulip festivals are gorgeous and memorable. We had the opportunity/fluke to visit one in the Netherlands many moons ago. A sound bath is a puzzle for me? The intentional acts of kindness is a superpower! Congratulations, Christie. Thank you for sharing an inspirational post!

    • Thank you for that reminder, Erica. I may not reach the walking goal, but I was encouraged to step off my usual trails and see some beautiful new places. A tulip festival in the Netherlands sound divine! Sound baths–for me at least–are pretty great too. And I agree kindness is the superpower that could change our world. Thanks for joining the conversation, Erica. It’s always a pleasure “talking” with you.

    • It has been fun to try new things, declutter, and be intentional about acts of kindness. And you are so right, that whether or not I reach the predetermined mileage doesn’t really matter. I did see some new areas and enjoyed the walks I went on. Thanks for that reminder.

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