1. Hi Christie – it looks like your tracking really well on your list of things. Love the new pool and the glitter stress bottles brought back memories – my husband and I made some a couple of years ago and the grandgirls always love to give them a shake or two when they visit. I hope the weather continues to improve so you can get on with more hiking – lovely seeing you without a mask on and enjoying the great outdoors.

    • Yes, Leanne, I’m getting there. I sat my glitter bottle on my desk, and find I shake or turn it several times during the day. The glitter is a lovely purple mix that makes me smile. It’s rainy and windy again this week, but we’ve got a break today, so I’m planning to take advantage of that. I hope all is well with you. Enjoy your week!

  2. I like watching your new things list and the ideas for kindness – gives me ideas for my own.

    This month, we are doing a huge de-clutter and giving away/donating lots of things (more than I anticipated, hubby is giving up some things!). I’m not even keeping track anymore of the toss away part of decluttering. It’s getting a bit easier as the boxes to move pile higher and higher.

  3. Hi Christie, I love that quote by LadyBird Johnson. Because of her efforts, Texas is ablaze with Bluebonnets every spring. You are making lots of progress with your 60/60 plan. I’m sure the weather will improve soon and you will be clocking those miles. Until then, keep smiling!

    • Isn’t spring wonderful, Suzanne? I’d love to see Texas and the Bluebonnets. I am making progress on my list, and it’s fun to look back and see what I’ve accomplished/enjoyed along the way. I am hoping for “better” weather…at least more enjoyable for hiking and walking outdoors. Today, we are taking advantage of a dry day to go to the Tulip Festival.

  4. Cindy

    Congratulations! You’re doing so well on your bucket list. Did you say a surprise for your sisters…..?! (At least you know I’m paying attention!😉) I love you sis!

  5. Christie, You’re making great progress with your 60/60 list. The weather will improve and you’ll be able to do the walks you like. Thank you for sharing your updates. Happy Spring!

  6. Hey sweet friend, left for a trip out of town to care for our moms, and never had time to do any blog reading. So enjoyed catching up with your progress on your bucket list or 60 before 60 list.

    I think I need to make a couple of those stress bottles pronto!! They sound like a fun project and I could sure put them to good use right now. Glad you enjoyed crafting with your grands.

    The pool is so lovely, Christie. Oh, my goodness. Is that a sunning ledge? We thought about adding one and now I wish we had. Good place for the babies to sit. Can’t wait to see it all landscaped. Beautiful!!

    • Hello Leslie. I’m glad you had a chance to see your moms and that you made it home safely. I’m really loving my glitter bottle, and it was fun and easy to make. You should do it! That is a sunning ledge in the pool…as you said, perfect for the littles. We look forward to having the children and grandchildren over this summer.

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