1. Cindy

    You’re very welcome for the BBQ and cookies. It is partly selfish as I need the BBQ for Bry as much as anyone, and now that we’re empty nesters I have to share when I bake or I’d eat way too much! I’m grateful that we’re sisters and we have such a wonderful family. ❤️

  2. I chuckled at the question “last picture you took”. I really am trying to take more pictures when out & about and totally did not do that today. My last picture however was this weekend… so “Thank you Tim for making our mini-cooper stay-cation a super fun couple of days”. About a year ago, we “won” a weekend mini-cooper rental. It was a charity event, and win is a relative term… donation of money. 🙂 This weekend, in a bright red mini-cooper convertible, we went out into the country – one day to a sculpture park, the other for a drive including across the Ohio river on a ferry! Yeah, definitely grateful for the experience!

    • It sounds like a fun weekend, Pat. My husband and I won a week’s stay in a condo on Kauai in a charity raffle once. The condo owners are our neighbors, and they ended up staying for a couple of nights with us. We like to joke that it took a trip to Hawaii to really get to know our next-door neighbors!

  3. I love your positive Thank You notes Christie. I had to check my photos when you asked about the last photo I took. Yesterday I took photos of mother duck and her 13 new babies on her dam. Unfortunately they were too far away and the ducks too tiny to see them well. But I’m waiting for them to show themselves again. A beautiful sign that we’re heading towards the end of winter.

    • Yes, Leanne, family is the best. We are hugging our children and grandchildren now…but I wasn’t quite ready to press my luck with extended family. COVID numbers are still quite high here. It was good to be in the same outdoor space with them though, especially watching the little ones play and laugh.

    • I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the thank you notes, Debbie. There have been many good times recently, though I confess I miss traveling…especially our usual beach vacation. I am craving the ocean and the sand.

  4. When I look at your thank you list I am reminded that it is the every day things I am most grateful for – the beauty I see during my morning walks, visits with my girls, connecting with friends, quality time with my husband and distance visits with friends. Everything else is just icing on the cake!

  5. What a great idea though I’m sure I’d overlook someone really important! But seriously it is great to publicly acknowledge people. I try to say thank you and tell people I appreciate them but I’m not always as grateful as I should be!

    • I mostly go through my camera, so if I didn’t take a photo, it doesn’t get in the blog…so I know I’m missing some really important people and things, but it does bring me joy pulling together the Thank You Notes post each month.

  6. Angela

    So many things to be thankful for everyday- large and small. Family at the top of that list. Our health. Being quarantined with my husband. An abundance of fresh food.

    • Hello Angela. These are all things I am grateful for as well. I am eating fresh berries as I type this, and thinking how amazing it is that I have access to something so delicious…that’s good for me too! We are both truly blessed.

  7. Mmm, those deliveries were special indeed. YUM. Glad you were able to be with the family even if hugs were not permitted. I am growing weary of this Covid business and how it is keeping up from precious time with our loved ones. Robbing me of time with my mom.

    I am in need of an affordable desk chair. Mine won’t lock in place and so I am constantly twirling unless I hold in still with a hand or foot. Can be exhausting!

    • Hello Leslie! They were YUM for sure. And the family time was even more delicious. I can definitely relate to being weary of COVID. We haven’t seen my MIL, except through glass, since she broke her hip almost two months ago; I worry about everything the children are missing out on–including a solid education; and this low buzz of anxiety every time I do go somewhere or see someone is wearing on me. Still I am grateful for my current good health and that of my family and for the progress I hear is being made on a vaccine. I hope you find a new chair soon–or turn your old one into a new workout routine! 😂

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