1. Larry Hawkes

    Thank “YOU” Christie for being YOU! You have brought me too many things to list, but Happiness, Companionship, and most of all Your Love. ❤️

    Thank “YOU” for loving and caring for my Mom. There is no way that I could take care of her without your love and support.

    Thank “YOU” for being a FANTASTIC Wife, a FANTASTIC Mother, and a FANTASTIC Gma, we ALL are better for having “YOU” in our lives!

  2. I look forward to your thank you notes each month – it’s little drops of sunshine. Loving the blossoms, the progress on your house and, hello, chocolate popcorn? #MLSTL

  3. Thank you, Christie! Your thank you note posts come so quickly don’t they as we say goodbye to another month. I love the Spring blossoms and it is very exciting to see the progress on your new home. Thanks for sharing with us at #MLSTL and have a beautiful week. x

    • It is hard to believe another month has passed, Sue. You’d think all this staying home would make time slow down, but it really hasn’t–for me at least. Thanks, as always, for hosting #MLSTL, such a great community.

  4. So much to be thankful for, Christie. It’s fantastic that your new home construction continues during the pandemic. How wonderful to have a cabin for retreats. I’m loving spring time and what Mother Nature provides, too. #MLSTL

    • Hello Natalie! We are excited about the house and sad to let the cabin go, but in the long run, we believe the house will serve us better for the next phase of life. The weather here right now is my idea of perfect–mid 70s and sunshine. I hope you have a happy week!

  5. I could have skipped your post and just gone down to Larry’s comment – that was a joy all by itself! Loved seeing a little glimpse of your new home and your family pics. So glad the weather is lovely where you are – we’re having a fabulous Autumn too and that makes this lockdown slightly more bearable. Thanks for all the positivity – always a good thing to read.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

    • Isn’t he sweet Leanne. I found a real keeper! We were just discussing how we were glad the pandemic didn’t start in the midst of winter. While that would have made it easy to stay indoors, the long nights and often gloomy days would have made it hard to keep spirits up. This beautiful weather and being able to step outside is a blessing. Thanks for hosting #MLSTL!

  6. What a joyful read Christie and Larry’s comment was so special! I’m so glad to hear your house is progressing and your spring shots look glorious as we head from autumn into winter (this week it’s turned cold and wet). Thanks for such a happy read. #mlstl

    • Thanks Debbie. I’m happy I could share the joy. Larry is pretty special. I’m grateful we found each other. We’re excited about the house and loving spring. I’m a big fan of autumn, but don’t envy you going into winter. Stay warm and safe. Wishing you much joy this week!

  7. I love your thankyou notes and their positivity Christie. I think it’s good to think about the positives during the difficult times we’re enduring. We have our own coffee machine which we love but today we went to our local bakery for a latte on the way home from a doctor visit. Takeaway of course but it was great to get out and good for the soul.

    • Hello Jennifer. I agree with you, there are times when it is a little more difficult to think about the positives–and that’s when we need it the most. I fix most of my coffee at home as well, but enjoy a coffee-shop latte on occasion. Our grandson is working at Beans & Brews while he waits for school to start up again (he’s training to be a pilot), so he’s kind enough to surprise me on occasion with a delicious brew!

  8. I love your thank you notes! I too have enjoyed the spring colors, although our weather seems to not want to truly warm up. Cannot believe we have yet another rainy, 50 degree day today!

    I love the kitchen in your new house. And a 3 car garage… Tim would be super jealous if I showed him the picture. I’m so glad they are keeping you up-to-date with pictures.

    • Hello Pat. We started spring with cool wet weather, but now we are almost 20 degrees warmer than average. It feels like early summer. I’ll try to send some warmth your way. 🙂 We are pretty excited about the kitchen and the three-care garage in the new house. It really is weird not to have seen it in person since the frame went up. We do have family and friends down there that drive by and take pictures for us and keep us posted. Fingers crossed, the final inspection goes well!

  9. What a lovely post with fabulous photos. I especially enjoyed seeing the picture of the birthday cake and knowing despite the pandemic you are celebrating. I have been keeping a gratitude journal so I remember to focus on the good this situation has brought. Today one of my gratefuls is #MLSTL party. I so enjoy reading updates from my blogging community and glad I feel a part of it. Be well, stay safe, and lead a colorful life!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Nancy. I believe it is especially important to celebrate life at this time. I feel bad for our high school senior who is missing out on one of life’s big celebrations (like so many other people are). A gratitude journal is great for focusing our attention on positive things, and I couldn’t agree more about the #MLSTL party. This is such a wonderful community and a great place to find uplifting, encouraging posts. Thank you for choosing to read and comment on mine. I do appreciate it. I hope you have a lovely week!

  10. Check out that grand kitchen you are going to be enjoying very soon. Did I read somewhere that you are selling Hawkes’ Landing? Hope not because I know it has brought you so much happiness. But then there are always new chapters to look forward to, I guess.

    Chocolate popcorn? Where has that been all my life? Need to rectify that right away.

    I had taken off my gel polish before I left for my mom’s early in March. Glad I did. Probably should give myself a home manicure.

    Glad you had little visits and little celebrations to be grateful for and a furry new friend.

    • Hello Leslie! We are so excited about the new house, if a little anxious about not having been able to monitor the progress in person. We do have family and friends in the area that are keeping an eye on things, and the builder sends us lots of photos. Sadly, we will sell the cabin. We have our main home that we’ll keep for summers (at least initially) and then this new winter home. It just doesn’t make sense to maintain (and pay taxes and insurance on) three properties. Long-term we want to be in southern Utah, where it is warmer, and near Zions, Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Parks. We found the property we want, and it just made sense to get it while we can–and while we’re still working. It’s the right move, but we will miss the cabin.

      I ordered the chocolate popcorn from my granddaughter’s fundraiser just before the schools closed, so I had forgotten about it. When they delivered it to my porch, it was a pleasant surprised. It is delicious! It’s actually caramel corn with chocolate drizzled over it. Yummy!

      I hope you have a lovely week. Thanks again for #MLSTL.

  11. I love when spring rolls around, that means warm weather and summer is not too far away! Isn’t it awful not being able to hug the kids and grandbabies? But, this will pass ♥ Noticed your hubby’s #2 candle 🙂 That popcorn looks good. Your new home is coming along nicely, construction is still going on here despite the pandemic.

    • I love spring as well, Dee. I’m not a big fan of winter, so it’s such a relief when color returns to nature. I am really missing the hugs, but they will be twice as sweet when we can enjoy them again. Yeah, the number 2 was the only candle we had, so the kids said it stood for “Too old.” Of course, he’s only 61, so that’s not too old–unless you’re young. 🙂 The popcorn was yummy. I just ate the last of it yesterday. The home is getting so close. The final inspection is scheduled for three weeks from now. I hope the hotels are operating or we’ll be sleeping on the floor of our empty home!

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