1. Hi, Christie – I love your word for 2018 — and I admire the process by which you chose it. I have also been trying not to overthink things (in my retirement). It is a new habit — but it is becoming quite addictive!

  2. When I read this,Christie and saw the word flow, I think about how important this word (and concept) is in leisure studies. Flow is an actual “thing” and blogging may be a way for us to get into flow. This word works for me, too, because, things have a way of going their own way, but once you get into work or leisure and enjoy it to the point where the skills matches the challenge, flow happens! Happy New Year to you Christie!

  3. my word is forgiveness–as in letting go of my reaction to the irritants that are part of those I love.Who’s perfect, and why hold on to little bits [or big globs] of anger. forgive, move on. I guess that’s a flow.

  4. Larry

    I love your “word of 2018”,
    Flow.: to proceed smoothly and readily

    So I got thinking about the definition and there it was, my word of 2018…..
    “without hesitation or reluctance; willingly.”
    Exactly how I feel about you and why I love you! ❌❤️❌❤️

  5. Hi Christie

    I love your word “flow” If you hold on to the “ooow” sound it releases breath held deep down.

    Feels good.

    As I was reading your post, the word “grow” came to me.There are some many ways and things I want to grow this year. I’m afraid it’s becoming quite overwhelming, but if I achieve even one of those things, I am a success. It’s early still.

    Enjoy the flow

    • I find growth is crucial to vitality and thriving, but the big picture can become overwhelming for me too. I love the Martin Luther King quote, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” It also helps me to keep in mind that sometimes we grow the most from things that we may classify as failures. Have you read Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck? It fits in perfectly with your word. Here’s to lots of growth in 2018!

  6. Hi, I used some of Susannah’s exercises to narrow down and settle on my word of the year this year. I also found it helpful to find some quotes to make it come to life – inspired by your previous blog post.

    And so far, my word (SOAR) is helping … I activated (the A in Soar) something this week that was on my intentions for 6 months! In my morning journaling I am asking myself — how will you soar today? This is in addition to “what was most important about yesterday?” That helps me focus on accomplishment (a personal need).

    So how will you flow today?

    • I like your idea of supporting your word with journaling. I may have to borrow that. As for what I will do today to flow, I narrowed my to-do list to just the most important and desirable items.

  7. Flow is a great word, Christie. I don’t spend time nor follow any process to find a word of the year for myself. I have a draft list of what I’d like to enjoy in the year, with the understanding that things change. For day-to-day living, I usually set three simple goals for me to do. I find 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c are so easy to remember and more manageable than a longer list.

  8. Hi Christie I love the sound of your word: Flow and for me it means going with the flow and not getting too stressed. Thank you for sharing at Over the Moon link party and I’ve chosen your post as one of my favourite to be featured in next week’s Over the Moon link party.

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