1. I was a pessimist for years. A glass-half-empty cynic who considered all of the possible (negative) scenarios when planning anything. Now, I am more of an optimist, and I like it better! Even long term friends have noticed my shift – one even had the courage to tell me they noticed and like it. I still do the scenario planning bit, but I’m much less spiraling into negativity. And I have less patience for the pessimists.

    I too chuckled at your quotes.

    • I think that’s the ideal Pat. If we can expect good things, but plan for the possible pitfalls or detours and accept them when they arise, not waste energy wishing all had gone exactly as we expected.

  2. Liz Gwynn

    I love that aeroplane/parachute quote! I’m am optimist through & through.
    This reminded me of my mom telling me her Grandma Nokes used to say, “hope for the best, but expect the worst, and you’ll never be disappointed”.

  3. I’m an optimist and am married to an optimist. I loved being around positive, open-minded people. Not fake or sugar-coating people….but people who try to see the good in all!

    • What a lovely combination, Donna. I believe it is possible to focus on the positive while not ignoring what needs to be fixed and staying alert to dangers. Carry on–looking at the bright side!

  4. Hi Christie

    I’m an optimist married to a realist. This works for us because when I come up with some overly lofty idea, he brings me back to earth.

    I love the quote by George Bernard Shaw


    • When it comes to making big plans, I think I’m the realist in my marriage, but sometimes I worry I’m actually being pessimistic. In general, I am optimistic. Perhaps I need a new category–undecided or inconsistent. 🙂

  5. Optimist is the way I try to live…There is too much negativity out there anyways which I why I stopped watching the news and reading the paper! Even when I have failed to accomplish things, I knew I was learning in the process and that things would come around for the better. Having negative people and pessimists in your life during these time of failure can unfortunately break people

    • Thank you for that input, Dave. I love that you mentioned that even when you don’t accomplish what you expected to, you learned something. That’s a growth mindset in action. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.

  6. For me, I think it depends on my mood that day. I like the comment about how both contribute to society. If we were all Pollyanna’s nothing would change or get fixed!

    • While we may have a tendency for optimism or pessimism, my guess is none of us is entirely one or the other. It can depend on the circumstances or, as you say, the mood of the day. Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts Amy.

  7. Hi Christie,
    I’m clearly an optimist, as evidenced by the fact that I held on to this post in my inbox and just knew I’d eventually have an opportunity to respond 🙂

    Love your quotes. Here’s another great one. “There is no one more hopeful than a cynic (we could say pessimist) waiting to be proven wrong.”

    • You’ve got a good point Leanne. I guess that’s when it’s helpful to be able to see the good in any situation and accept that things aren’t always going to turn out like we expect them to–and that’s okay.

  8. I tend to be optimistic and my husband is more of a pessimist. Sometimes that drives me nuts, but other times I realize that he keeps me more grounded. So, I agree there is good and bad in both. I have to say that I’m glad I’m the optimist though! Thank you for hosting and sharing with us on the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty! Pinned and shared!

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