1. You’ve accomplished so much this month. I feel more like a sloth than usual! I’m not on FB but would like to have a presence there for my blog. Can you do that? Do you know? Your success creating a FB page gives me hope.

    • Last time around, I just said “read at least three books,” but this time I had a specific personal development book I wanted to be sure to read. I enjoy reading, but don’t always make the time. Putting it on my bucket list means I “have” to, right? 🙂

  2. And here’s why I love this series…I discover so many ways to enrich my own life…pumpkin food and drink to savor (laden with fat and sugar, the only way to do pumpkin right), books to read (now on my Goodreads to-read list), and that great puzzle board. Please would you email shopping details for it? mommyhon333@hotmail.com

    Hawkes Landing is such a gorgeous place to escape and refocus. Hurray for time spent there.

    And you are well on your way to completing this great list. Well done.

  3. I am so glad that you met (and surpassed) your ‘Joy” goal. I believe that was the most important one of all.
    I love your goals — very meaningful!

  4. I created a fall list last year…it had things like visit a corn maze (I had never done one), make s’mores, eat a caramel apple, and go fall-leaf looking. It ended up including a zip line in the trees (great colors) ..something from my possibilities list that became a random opportunity! PThis year we’ve been so busy, I didn’t do a fall list…and am missing it. Fall is my favorite season. Curious what’s on your winter list!

  5. I love the idea of a daily life bucket list (as opposed to the grand “what I want to do before I die” bucket lists). I have looked at a few and am tempted to start one of my own. Being retired makes it all the more important to have goals, fat-laden and otherwise. I’ve so far resisted the idea of starting a FB page for my blog (seems like a lot of extra work) but maybe I should rethink that too.

    • Janis, I definitely recommend a daily or seasonal bucket list. Maybe you’ll join us for winter. As far as the FB page, I use mine to share my blog posts and others–that’s it–so it really isn’t much work at all.

  6. Colette

    Christie let me know if you would like to go to Orange theory on Monday at the 4:30 class. If so you will need to call them and sign up for the free class. It is the one in cottonwood heights.801-463-6748

    • Thanks for the invite Colette. I have a commitment this Monday, but would like to schedule an Orange Theory class with you. If I don’t get it on the calendar, it won’t happen. I’ll email you to firm up a date. Thanks again!

  7. You’re doing great with your list, Christie! I like the rack for your race medals and bibs. Do more of what brings you joy, including more pumpkin deliciousness 🙂

  8. Hi Christie! Looks you are well underway for your Fall Bucket list. I really love the idea of your race bib and medal rack. That is a super neat idea.

    I also love the idea of a handwritten note. How fun to send, but also fun to receive.

  9. What Leslie said! Reading other people’s blog lists is so inspirational, and I am feeling a definite uptick in my quality of life as a result!

    Now onward to your update – Love the idea of a puzzle board because we are a family of puzzle doers as well, except deciding where to build them can be a bit tricky! Fall hiking – must be gorgeous in the mountains, and something we simply don’t have here. Here, in S. California Fall hiking in our local canyons just means everything is dead! Pumpkin goodies – so deadly I agree!

    Looking forward to your next update, Christie!

  10. Good for you for writing some letters! That’s on my list too, and I STILL haven’t done it! Goodness gracious! I need to just do it.

    I love hiking and baking too! Exercise, not so much!

    Happy Autumn!!!

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