1. Cindy

    Congrats on the GOTR! And all your other running endeavors. One great thing about this week is today is the last day before summer break! A favorite dessert of mine (I have many) is an apple fritter, but it has to be from Salt Lake Donut and Deli. Have fun at Hawkes Landing!

    • Thanks Cindy. I do like apple fritters, but they are not my favorite–probably because I haven’t had one from Salt Lake Donut and Deli. I’m so jealous of your summer break. I can’t convince my office to close for three months. 🙁 I’m looking forward to our 10K in two weeks!

  2. Good deal on the 10K training Christie! And on the 5K too. I just ran around Central Park for about 45 minutes here in NYC yesterday. This has highlighted my Memorial Day weekend 😉 A few runs a week, more walking and a lot more stretching to limber up a bit.


    • Thanks Ryan. I actually prefer the run/walk combination and even walk a portion of every race. I may not be the fastest, but it keeps me going. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day–though a run around Central Park will be hard to beat. 🙂

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