1. One bright side of my week was March 1st. I love the fresh start feeling at the beginning of each new month.

    Another was the days and days of early spring that we had here in Ontario, Canada. This morning I woke to a return of winter, but I’m hoping it will be short lived.

    Glad to hear that Larry’s shoulder surgery went well. I’ll have to zoom in and take a closer look at your pain chart. The one in my local hospital is from the military and it is far less engaging!

    • I’m with you Karen–I love the beginning of a new month. For some crazy reason, I even look forward to flipping the calendar page to a fresh new one. I’m hoping for more signs of spring around here soon.

  2. Christie, I love that pain chart! If being able to text was a signal of pain, I’m living a life of 8.

    I too had a mixed week…maybe I should have looked for a margarita mid-week. Although I can say, sushi and wine (whine) with a friend mid-week did help!

    Best wishes to Larry for a speedy recovery.

    • Sushi and wine sounds lovely, Pat. We did get a good laugh from the pain chart. Larry was posting on Facebook right up until he went in, so I told him, he couldn’t claim anything above a 7! 🙂

  3. Jessica L Macie

    I’m glad you all reminded me I can flip my calendar page! I have a Golden Girls calendar, last month was Blanche, this month is sassy Sophia! ♡

    Also, I’m glad Larry is doing well, I think he has probably “donated” enough to be an honorary doctor by now!

  4. Cindy

    I laughed at that pain chart! When I saw on FB that Larry couldn’t text I thought he was telling everybody not to text him at that point because he didn’t feel good ?

  5. Hi, Christie – What a brilliant idea to enjoy your watermelon jalapeño margarita during mid-winter. I bet that it did taste like summer!
    I hope that Larry is feeling better soon. Too funny about the Pain Chart and texting. I seldom text so I likely would not do well on that chart even if I was feeling okay!

    • The margarita was wonderful, and I was with my lovely sisters, so that made it even better. Larry is slowly on the mend, thank you, and back texting and Facebooking, so he must be doing okay. 🙂

  6. Hope you can finally stop counting shoulder surgeries for Larry! Bless his heart. Glad this one ‘took’.

    Your new shoes are darling. Love how they look metallic but not overly gold or silver. Just a nice neutral.

    Oh, that margarita…and the chips and salsa. Would love to find a watermelon margarita in my neck of the woods. It looks pretty and refreshing.

    • Thank you Leslie. Larry is feeling better. The shoes are goldish, but not too bright. We had a large snowstorm right after I bought them, so I haven’t yet worn them outside of my house, but they seem comfortable. And the margarita was just as tasty as it was pretty. 🙂

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