1. Danielle Park

    You have been very busy this summer. I love the Pay it forward idea and the movie theatre idea. And that Milkshake from the Artic Circle looks fabulous.

  2. Good for you, Christie, for staying fit with your hiking, running, and PiYo workouts, and spending time with your family and friends. I should go to a movie this summer. Maybe I’ll go on a hot and humid day so it’s more attractive to be indoor with air-con 🙂

  3. Jessica Macie

    Bear Lake will take care of the eating outdoors goal! Also, if you do feel like running at around 4 am, the weather is usually great, and if you end up around Fashion Place, you might see me hunting Pokémon, don’t scare them off! 😉

  4. Connie Devivic

    Dissertation…dissertation… dissertation… move out of my apartment … dissertation… dissertation… dissertation… find out the university music school has posted none of my doctoral comps or oral exams or dissertation approval… panic… fix it… dissertation… dissertation… find out I need a new doctoral committee member… panic… find one… dissertation… dissertation… dissertation… trip to SLC and Bear Lake for the first time my kids and grandkids have all been together in two years… movie with my mom, a family party remembering my brother, a walk with my sister Cindy, got to know my cute niece, Alyssa and gave her a couple ukulele lessons (she’s a natural), hooked her up with my granddaughter Evi and now they’re fast friends… coffee dates with my son Bill while he worked and I (you guessed it) wrote my dissertation… refined research for said dissertation… left SLC earlier than planned so I’d have more time for my (you guessed it) dissertation… attended a choral director’s conference in L.A…. stayed with my good friend Liz McQ… beach time (my sanctuary)… dissertation… dissertation… dissertation… find out I need yet one more committee member… still panicking… had lunch with my former mother-in-law (now mother-out-law) whom I adore… drove home to AZ from CA all night so I had more beach time… listened to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ( my granddaughter is reading it for the first time, and after we both finish the book, we are having a virtual movie date where we Skype while we watch it at the same time… started meetings at the new school where I’ve been teaching… ate an all you can fill cup of frozen yogurt topped with fruit and candies at Yogurtini Surprise… moved my things for my classroom tonight from storage to my new classroom and accidentally set off the alarm so i met some nice police officers… organizing and decorating said classroom… having anxiety dreams where I’m at the school inexplicably in my pajamas with no idea where I’m supposed to go next… organizing the house where I now live with my sweetheart… dissertation…dissertation… dissertation… playing piano… dissertation… dissertation… dissertation… excuse my geeky attempt at crass humor, but right now PhD stands for Phucking Dissertation. Can’t wait until it stands for Phucking Done! ?❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh you live in one of my favorite states with regard to natural beauty and outdoor sports! Love all the active items on your list, and goes to show discipline rocks!

    We’ll be RV’ing through our last three Utah National Parks next year – Moab, Canyonlands and Capital Reef. Any thoughts on the best month in which to see these three? We would want to avoid snow on Hwy 15 at all costs in that we’ll be towing a travel trailer!

    • Utah is a beautiful state. I’ve lived here most of my life, but am still in awe of the natural beauty. Summer is obviously the safest time to assure no snow, but probably also the busiest. Maybe early September, right after school starts would be a good time. If you’re ever up closer to Salt Lake City, let me know. I’d love to meet you in person.

  6. I’m impressed with your exercise goals! Wow! I’m not a runner; not much of an exerciser at all really, but I’m working on it! LOL! My husband and I do like hiking and kayaking, but the temperatures and humidity here in Georgia are just crazy during the summer. Some of that stuff has to wait until autumn. I’m having to focus on inside activities for right now. I really like your list! Keep up the good work!

  7. What a lovely list Christie and the hikes look beautiful. Time away with girlfriends sounds like fun and it is always great to catchup with the grandchildren. You look too young to be their grandmother! Enjoy the rest of your summer and I enjoyed reading through you list. Love the pay it forward card idea. xx

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