1. Jessi

    The first sign of Christmas at my house is usually me yelling “No! It’s too early! ” but this year we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. And I’ve already done some shopping. I’m a little concerned with this big behavioral change.

  2. Liz Gwynn

    I’m a little delayed reading this post, but I enjoyed it very much! I also cannot wait for Seth to come home and sing ‘O Holy Night’! Ugh! How I’m missing him this time of year.
    We haven’t decorated yet. I hope we get around to it. It’ll be the last year for a while we can have a tree up without Eloise getting into it.
    The first sign of the season for me is listening to the GRP Christmas albums with my momma. We usually do that on Thanksgiving (on Friday).
    And one of my holiday traditions is coming over to your house on Christmas! It’s always so wonderful to just sit, relax and enjoy family!
    Love you!

    • Thanks for drawing Seth’s attention to my plea for him to come home for Christmas–and not just to hear him sing. And thanks for making a stop at our house one of your Christmas traditions. I know it’s a busy day, and I’m honored that you share it with us! Can’t wait to hold Eloise again.

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