1. Great job on your Winter list, and I hope Spring is just as successful! I have working on my own WIP for my list as well. I’m nowhere near close to finishing, but I want to get some sort of routine going again.


  2. Oh, Christie, I am so proud of your great work on your winter bucket list. Well done. I was so excited that you got to see the Ice Castles this year. I remember how you had hoped to do that last year. Your pictures were beautiful.

    I would love to try to run a 10K but not sure that will ever happen. I have registered for a 5K. And might register for a second one. That would equal a 10K, right? Ha!!

    Going to try your mindful eating. I have heard of setting the utensil down between bites. But what a good idea to take a moment to recognize and be thankful for the people who are responsible for the food we eat. That is such wonderful idea.

    Would your family adopt me just long enough to accompany you on the trip to Mazatlan? Oh, friend, I need some time at the beach. Will look forward to your photos and descriptions of your trip. Have the best time.

    • The ice castles were pretty amazing, Leslie. Next year, we may try to see them at night when the colored lights are on. It was a tough winter weather-wise, but a good one nonetheless. I think two 5Ks definitely equal a 10K. I used to run half-marathons, but 10K seems to be the perfect distance for me now–far enough that I feel challenged, but not so far that training consumes my life. I’d love to have you in my family. Come on down! We typically have a beach vacation in the winter or early spring, so I’m really missing it now, but come June, I know I’ll be happy I waited, so the whole family could join us. Happy spring!

  3. Oh, I LOVE this idea of a seasonal bucket list! I may have to get cracking on one of my own. Congratulations on completing your Winter bucket list so successfully, and I am honored that my blog was one of the new ones that you visited!

    I love the four categories you use for your bucket list. I, too, practice the mindful eating for a lot of my meals. Sometimes time does not allow it, but I do enjoy doing it when I’m able. I think it’s amazing that you are writing a novel! I’d love to know more about that. And I look forward to learning about the mindful speech exercises. I have no idea what that is. Have fun completing your Spring bucket list!

    • Hello Gale! You should join us in our seasonal bucket lists. It’s a lot of fun and helps ensure I make time for some of the short-term activities I want to do. I’m happy to have found your blog as part of my bucket list.

  4. Congratulations on your winter list!! I hope I can check off my spring list as you did for winter. Also, Happy Anniversary, I aspire to reach 20 years…

  5. Everyone should have a Spring Bucket List – thank you for sharing yours with us!
    Relationships – including letter writing to my grandchildren is on my list.

    • Letter writing is a great goal. I’ve had that on my seasonal bucket list before. I enjoyed the writing as much as the recipients enjoyed getting surprise mail. Happy spring!

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