1. Hi Christie – nice to see your list is still ticking along nicely. I smiled at your cartoon Voila app – I tried it too and had fun – I felt like a Disney princess in one of the ones it die (I shared them in my taking stock post a few weeks ago). I deleted the app because it kept running in the background on my phone – that always freaks me out a bit!

    • Hello Leanne. I got the idea to try the Voila app from your post. You did look like a Disney princess! I had a couple of hours of fun turning photos of all my grandchildren, myself, and my mother into cartoons. I’ll probably delete the app now as well, since I can’t imagine what else I’d do with it, but it sure was fun.

  2. I’m not familiar with Voila AI Artist and it looks like fun. I’m taking it easy this summer, more than my usual laidback approach to life. Reading more books again. I feel like my life is edging back to normal and am savoring each post-pandemic milestone as they come along. Of course that may be rationalizing doing nothing when it’s hotter than hot outside.

    • I’m with you Ally…enjoying the laid back approach to summer…relaxing more, reading more. I just finished a good book, Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. Stay cool (in every sense of the word 😉)!

  3. Hi, Christie – The Voila images of yourself, and of your mother, are absolutely gorgeous. I really need to try that app.
    Thank you for another awesome Bucket List update. You are very inspiring!

  4. You have made great progress on your 60 before 60. Good job on the acts of kindness. I have really slipped in that department as far as intentionally setting out to do something kind. In response to the mass shooting in El Paso in 08.2019, the city created a Month of Unity and Healing events from July 3-August 3, 2021. And they are encouraging El Pasoans to commit to 23 (the number of people killed) acts of kindness. I need to work on this in the next week. Thank you for the reminder.

    Glad you enjoyed some fun with the grandkids. We will be celebrating birthdays next week. There are 4 official birthdays but the younger granddaughters will want to celebrate their birthdays again!! So we will celebrate their half birthdays, I guess.

    Just downloaded Voila on your suggestion. Somehow they took my very casual profile photo and morphed me into something that looks like Princess Diana!! I love it. Don’t see how that is accurate at all but I love it. Your image is a very accurate representation of you. Very pretty.

    Good job purging the old suit. I think it’s okay to replace it with newer suits. You are much more likely to wear the newer ones if you like them better than the older one. I am forcing myself to wear some of the tees and tops I have been hanging onto but never reach for to wear.

    • Oh Leslie, I love the idea of committing 23 acts of kindness during the month. There’s still time–you can do it! Your upcoming week of birthday celebrations sounds delightful. We have three grandchildren with birthdays during the month of August, so there will be celebrating in our near future as well. Wasn’t the Voila app fun? I must admit that the cartoon version of me that I shared was made from a professional photo I had taken when I started this blog several years ago. I made some off of current photos, which also turned out pretty, but were not as close a representation. I haven’t worn the new suits yet, but have a board meeting coming up, so I will soon! I hope you continue to enjoy your summer Leslie. Take care and have fun!

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