1. Jessica

    I really love getting a little peek into Bryan! One of my favorite memories of Bryan is the infamous cow heist! Grandma ended up giving me that cow after we had been caught and I sheepishly returned Cowie. I still have him! I also fondly remember Lagoon days and sleepovers in Grandmas backyard, exploring the field (remember those?!), countless Christmas Eve’s, the list goes on and on!

  2. Larry

    I had the privilege of being Bryan’s brother in law . And although it is true that he pretty much kept to himself, one thing that he couldn’t was his laugh. Bryan had this laugh like no other. With a crowed house full of family at the annual Christmas Eve Party at Grandma Nokes House (my Mother in law) you could always distinctly pick out Bryan by his unique laughter.
    Funny when I think about it. As he was one not to share, talk, touch or engage much with, it was his laughter, this sound that everyone has and can express for themselves . Yet to me, just the sound of his laughter told me everything about him and more.
    RIP Bryan you are truly loved and missed.

  3. Liz Kershisnik-Gwynn

    I loved this post so very much! Thank you for sharing!
    One of my favorite things to do with Bryan every year was to poke fun at the grandpa Haskell Christmas gifts. Luckily, I feel like we’ve kept the tradition alive, but he was particularly good at it.

  4. This was just lovely Christie and I commend you on writing it and sharing Bryan with us all. My brother in law Cliff, died very suddenly almost 4 years ago to the day, aged only 55, and we will always miss him. He was a quiet, gentle, fun guy who loved his family and bush walking. Thanks for sharing this and for the opportunity to share something about Cliff. #mlstl

  5. What a beautiful tribute to Bryan, Christie and I’m sure he would not be upset with you sharing his thoughts. Isn’t it strange how we feel that others see us in this world. If only we could see ourselves through others’ eyes. I’m feeling quite teary reading your post. My brother passed away 2.5 years ago after a 6 week battle with cancer. He was 7 years older than I and lived in another country. We had lost touch over the years but I was so grateful that his daughters phoned me and put the mobile to his ear so we could chat. A few days later he had gone. Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us at #MLSTL and also reminding us to hug those closest to us. xx

    • Thank you Sue. Since my brother died, I have made more of an effort to say the kind things that pop into my head, to let others know what they mean to me and how much I love them. Thank you for sharing the story of your brother’s passing. That must have been such a shock, him passing so quickly after being diagnosed. I’m glad you got to speak with him one last time. XO

  6. Thank you Christie for introducing us to your beautiful brother. I understand your need to write about him each year. I have just written a post about my son who passed away in 1995. I also honour his memory by writing about him on the blog each year. I’m sure Bryan’s diary entries are a comfort to you. He had a great sense of humour. Made me laugh through my tears

  7. Cindy

    I just realized I was supposed to share a memory. I remember Bryan going to Lagoon with me when my kids were young. We had some of our best talks driving back and forth. And I loved his sarcastic sense of humor.

  8. Jamie

    What a lovely tribute to your brother. I’m sure he loved it too. I really got a sense of the person he was and what some of his struggles were in life. This Year marked the tenth anniversary of the passing of my dad and my father-in-law. I can’t believe how fast the years flew by. My father-in-law passed away on a July 16th and it has been a rough week with all of the tributes I have read. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for sharing.❤️

    • Thank you Jamie. Bryan’s journal has brought me much joy this week, but of course, sadness too. It reminds me how much I miss him. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since your father and father-in-law passed away. All my love to you and Jon.

  9. What a touching and loving tribute to your brother, Bryan. I lost a brother too, in 1985, at age 35. I remember waking up the next morning – surprised that the sun had the audacity to even shine that day. I still miss him terribly.
    I loved reading some of Bryan’s words. He has a delightful sense of humor and sounds like someone I would have loved to meet.
    Thank you for sharing your brother with us. Sending you hugs across this virtual world from one grieving sister to another.
    Visiting from MLSTL & sharing on SM

    • Oh Trisha, thank you for sharing your story. It is such a strange experience to realize the world goes on after we have suffered such a devastating loss. The sun still shines. People continue to work, go on vacation, laugh, get frustrated over petty annoyances. It seems everything should stop, even if just for a moment, to acknowledge so great a loss to the world. Of course, our loved ones would want us to continue living too, and eventually we do, but we never stop missing them or loving them. Bryan was delightful, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading his words and getting to know him just a little. Enjoy your day and your memories of your brother! XO

  10. What a beautiful post Christie – those diary excerpts really captured who your brother was and brought him to life for those of us who didn’t know him. He sounds like he would have been a real character and a great brother (and son to your mother). I’m sorry that you lost him far too soon, but that he left some lovely memories behind. Thanks for sharing his story with us at #MLSTL x

    • Thank you Leanne. Bryan was just as you said–a character and a loving caretaker for my mother. We all miss him dearly, but also find much joy in our memories of him. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce him to so many through #MLSTL.

  11. What a nice tribute, Christie. Your brother sounds like a wonderful fun person. I dread the day if it comes that I would lose one of my sisters or my brother.

  12. Thank you for introducing me to you brother. By the comments above, it obvious that you are not the only one who has wonderful memories of your brother. #MLSTL

    • You’re welcome Jennifer. We have found much joy in our memories and sharing stories about Bryan. It has also been good to hear from others who have lost loved ones and their experiences. Thank you for your comment.

  13. A lovely tribute to your brother. I’ve always wondered if I should keep or toss my journals.! I’m so I am glad you’re finding solace in your brother’s.

    • Thank you Pat. Bryan’s journals have been a great comfort to our family. I did destroy some of my old Journals years ago. I am currently keeping a line-a-day journal, which I imagine I will keep. I also think my blog serves as a journal of sorts. 🙂

  14. What a wonderful tribute to your brother, Christie. Such a sad loss. I too lost my brother around 20 years ago, he was 39 and such a great personality. I miss him every day and have so many good memories 🙂

  15. Hi Christie,
    What a beautiful tribute to your brother, and a great reminder of why our words – private and public – are so important. It’s a blessing that you are able to keep hearing Bryan’s voice through his journal. #MLSTL

  16. I did not know Bryan… but after reading your post, I feel as though I do now. What a touching tribute! Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of this very special man. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  17. Shauna Waters

    I love that you keep the memory of your brother alive. I lost my brother in 1975, I was only 16 years old. Like you, we continued to keep Mike in our hearts and in our conversations. I raised two kids that knew Mike as if he were alive. Presently, I have two grandkids. My Grandson is Mike, a young man honored to be named after a man that he never knew, yet knows well.

    Bryan will always be with you and your family in spirit because you keep that door open. Keeping that door open heals our hearts and souls.

    This is a beautiful story Christie and a pleasure to read.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Shauna, and for sharing the story of your brother. How sweet that you grandson is named after him and knows him through family stories. Bryan will stay in our hearts forever and it feels good to share him with others.

  18. Thank you for sharing your brother’s journal with us. I enjoyed reading every word of it and from what I can tell he was a fun person as well as caring and kind. Losing someone you love is difficult but we will always have our memories of them. Shared this wonderful tribute x 4 ♥

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